Care About the Planet?

Consider Giving to a Donation Center in Frisco!

Author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Fast Fashion, Elizabeth Cline, stated, “There are just far more unwanted clothes in the United States than there is demand.” As passionate activists in the environmentally-conscious fashion movement, we have to consider what she’s talking about—especially because it’s backed by facts.

Huge corporations are creating clothing for pennies on the dollar. This may sound like it’s great for you or anyone else who’s trying to cop a quick deal, but the truth is that the US now has an influx of clothing materials that is causing issues on a variety of fronts. Let’s dive into them and why dropping off your extra items at a donation center in Frisco may be

beneficial for the entire planet.

The Ugly Truth

Here’s a hard fact to swallow: less than 20% of clothing donated to charities is resold to provide funds for that charity. Less than 20%!

So what happens to all of those clothes? An overwhelming majority of those items are sent to textile retailers. This means that the clothes that you just gave away or free are being exported and resold in developing countries to people who could actually truly use them for free.

Another portion of those donations may end up in a landfill! We all know these nasty areas create greenhouse gasses, take up space, and overall leave mother earth suffocating. One of the easiest things that you can do is visit your local donation drop off in Frisco to avoid contributing towards the horrible gunk that’s clogging up our ozone layer!

Why Should You Choose Recycle 2 Support Clothing Donation in Frisco?

As mentioned above, recycled clothing in Frisco may not ever make it to its intended destination. That’s if you choose the wrong organization to do contribute to.

Here at Recycle 2 Support, we want to put all of our pro-Earth friends doubts to rest. We’re not just one single organization that accepts all of your old things and then throws them away. We’re actually an organization that works with multiple charities (at least 8) to find all of your recycled pieces a home. We make it easy to recycle clothes in Frisco and surrounding areas by listing our guidelines right on our website.

Curious what we do with clothing that just doesn’t meet quality standards?

  • 45% of clothing is considered usable and will be added to a local thrift store in Frisco or surrounding areas.

  • 20% of clothing recycle in Frisco is used to reupholster pieces and can also be used as automotive stuffing.

  • 30% of the leftover clothing is used to create industrious wiping rags for companies.

Overall, your second-hand pieces will not go to waste—at least if you decide to donate with us at Recycle 2 Support!

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